Serekunda East Mini Stadium should have been more developed
29 June, 2017
One way or the other I feel that Serekunda east mini stadium should have been the face of Gambian football. The pedigree, the rich history , the location , the ambience. Most of international games or friendlies are been played there and Muhammed Kallon was one of the notables to grace the park. Over the years Committee members , administrative members and the GFF have given a black eye to the significance to proper maintenance and proper up keep of our beloved parks. 
The current committee who boast of having hundreds of thousands of dalasis after inheriting a sum of  Five hundred dalasis. With my right conviction I think the current board cannot be shy from the blame of failing to take the park to the next level. By the time of writing the current committee are been dragged by the team representatives to the national sports council for inappropriate reckless insight of funds.
We cannot be blaming the GFF for certain things happening in our regions, its the sole responsibility of regions to keep their parks presentable and of good quality. Once the GFF sees parks are bad they should task the regions for specific development to at least keep the level.
The current minister of sports Henry Gomez stated that  “the infrastructures aren’t fit to be carrying sporting activities, one football field that comes to my mind is Manjie Park. Not withstanding Serekunda East level should have passed at its current stage. A desired pavilion, improved dressing room and facilities would have been at top notch. The most important part of park is the field but some holes are been spotted which can lead to fractured legs, the park is only beautiful when the rain falls because the grass grows which are later trimmed. During the raining season fans who come across Serekunda regions have no places to stand because of the logged -flow water everywhere. 
Teams are jamm packed to participate in qualify rounds and the nawettan of east is the most watch  which in history have produced players like Chaku Njie, Arthur Gomez, Bra, Mal, Valdo, Seyfo Soley,Pa badjie,Cho, Pa Mulie Jassey and you name it.
Sports administrators always back themselves as volunteers when they are busy making themselves rich, 75% of gate fees goes to the committee yet still 0% is reserved for development and maintenance of the park. When concerned and genuine citizens speaks they say it’s witch-hunting. 10% at least should go back to the park itself. The park is painted once a year through a project funded by Q-cell.
Buba Jallow Fallaboweh
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