The Chinese government has donated a rice vessel to the Gambian government, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The rice vessel is currently anchored at the ports of Banjul. The donation was made through the Ministry of Agriculture. It is yet to be distributed to the poverty-stricken nation. It would go a long way in reducing hunger in the West African nation. 

The Chinese rice is not for sale. It is meant for all Gambians—irrespective of one’s party affiliation. Several thousands of bags of rice is going to be distributed to rural and urban Gambia residents once the vessel is unloaded. 

A source writing to us from Banjul said: “One of my friends, working at the Ministry of Agriculture, has told me, that the Republic of China, has donated a vessel full of rice to the Gambia. The said vessel is right now at The Gambia ports wharf. It is for free for the Gambian people, but I don’t know what the government is going to do with it. It is not meant for sale. Please ask your agents to confirm the story.”

“ Ex-President Yahya Jammeh used to sell such kind of rice donations. I don’t know what Barrow is going to do,” he added.

The Freedom Newspaper contacted an official of the Ministry of Agriculture for comment, and she confirmed the story.

“The Chinese rice is not for sale. It is a donation coming from the Chinese government. It is a food aid to The Gambian people. It cannot be sold to fill the current budgetary gaps,” said the official.

The rice vessel has been at the Banjul ports for the past couple of days. The Barrow government is yet to come up with a formal statement to announce the food aid it received from the Chinese government.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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