I am writing to offer a rejoinder to the article by one Saidina Aliou Jarjou in which he asks the renown and distinguished Prof Lamin Conteh to wait until Mai Fatty the interior Minister declares his assets before he can be challenged by the Learned Professor.  

Professor Conteh who is also a Fraud Examiner asks: How could Mai Fatty purchase a D10,000,000 house when he only earned D50,000 x 6 = D300,000 from January to June? Comrades, Mai Fatty should answer to how he acquired this money because there is no paper trail from a bank loan” 

The Professor is asking very relevant questions and he deserves a lot of respect not only for his accomplishments, but for also investing his valuable time in looking after the interest of The Gambia.  Unfortunately in The Gambia, there is no respect for intellectuals and a con artist has the same level of respect as a university Professor.  

I want to highlight that the Professor is very right for the following reasons:

1) First, Mai Fatty has no profession or business and did not come from a rich family.  Whilst he has in the past falsely claimed to be a lawyer,  he was in fact expelled from Fourah Bay College in 1992.  He fraudulently practiced law under the protection of the late Baba Jobe but Mai Fatty has no academic or professional credentials.  He is also not a businessman.  And he is not the descendent of a rich family.  So, the Professor is right to question.  Where did Mai Fatty get the money to buy a 10 million dalasi house  if not from corruption. 

2) Mai Fatty has two wives and two families.  One in Dakar and one in Paris France.  He is feeding, clothing, and housing these families.  Where is the money coming from if not from corruption ? 

3) Mai Fatty is very flamboyant and showoff guy who buys designer suits worth sometimes up to $5000 and African haftans from L’Excellence in Dakar.  All these purchases are made with dollar bills cash.  Where is he getting the money from if not corruption ? 

4) Mai Fatty’s 18 year old son Muhammed drives a 2016 Range Rover Sports worth over $65,000.  Where is he getting this money from if not from corruption ? 

5) Mai Fatty recently travelled to Brussels to meet a vendor that is trying to get a contract from the Interior Ministry.  His air ticket was paid for by this vendor and he was bribed an amount of 60,000 euros.  Where he getting this money from if not corruption. 

6) If you look at the attached picture, you will notice, 1 Apple Mac Desktop, 1 Macbook Air, 1 Lavassa Coffee Machine, 1 Mahogany Desk, 1 multi-function printer.  The total value of items in this picture alone is over 500,000 dalasi.  It will take him 10 months of work to earn this much.  Where is he getting the money from if not corruption.  

7) As we speak Mai is seizing control of a property of the late Baba Jobe from his widow Tida and abusing his office as Interior Minister.   Is this not corruption ? 

8)  Mai is asking Interior, Police, and NIA employees to go online and defend him by insulting the likes of Professor Conteh and Pa Nderry Mbai.  These people with fake profiles are working for Mai Fatty instead of the Gambian people and they are largely under the control of his PS Bulli Dibba an equally corrupt person who was helping Yaya Jammeh rob the Gambian people of their land.  Is this not corruption? 

9) In his haste to be President, Mai is using these same people in a campaign to tarnish the name of Ousainou Darboe by leaking GRA documents because he sees this Gambian icon as a rival for power. Using state resources for your personal use and against a person who has done so much for you.  Is this  not corruption ? 

10) Flamboyant Mai has formed a Steering Committee for his Presidential run and is spending state resources for his interest.  Is this not corruption ? 

Remembering that Mai Fatty is not a professional has no credentials, is not a business man and is not the son of a rich family, the Professor is right that he needs to answer a lot.  In fact, it was a big mistake on the part of Adama Barrow to hire Mai Fatty as Interior Minister.  Barrow who knew Mai from childhood knows that Mai has a very long history of dishonesty, lies, and conning people.  He has a pathology and is a disgrace to the Barrow cabinet and should be fired from cabinet as soon as possible.  There are lots of Gambians with high-level security experience especially in the diaspora who can be hired to replace this corrupt conman.  

Gambians should learn to respect people like Professor Lamin Conteh and start disrespecting conmen like Mai Fatty.  This is the only way our country can move forward. Finally, I want to appeal to the good Professor to contact President Barrow and to help our President root out corrupt people from the system. These parasites are holding us back and we need the likes of Professor Lamin Conteh to fight back.  Thank you Professor for your service to the nation. 

Written By Gambia’s Deep Throat 

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are sorely that of the author. Thanks for your attention. 

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