Majority Leader Laments poor pay, as corruption allegations mount


By Banjul correspondent 


The majority leader of the National Assembly, Kebba K Barrow, has lamented the pay cut he has had to endure since his election. He was speaking in a meeting with concerned community members amid allegations of taking money for his campaign from a Chinese company involved in an environmental damage in Gunjur. The Chinese company earlier denied culpability only to settle out of court in a secret deal. 


The embattled Majority Leader said:  “My salary as program coordinator of Tango is three times what the National Assembly is paying me. I have never been consulted about any problems with the factory and why should people not consult me and why should they take things into their own hands?” 


“We have guest speakers such as doctors and environmentalists within the task force, I have put many doctors through school. I am a member of an environment group. You are not telling me anything that I don’t know. I have all the facts and all the information I need. But this small group of people does not represent the village. I have a lot more information that I won’t tell this small group because why should I?.” 

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