Is GFF president Kaba Bajo creating jobs just to clinch on power ?
04 July, 2017
Baboucar Camara, the Jaliba Kuyateh of Gambia football federation sang great praises of Lamin Kaba Bajo and GFF executive and was compensated a job at the Gambia football federation at the expense of the football stake holders. When Baboucarr Camara became jobless, Kaba and Bakary Jammeh make sure a position of Human Resource manager was created and employ Mr Camara.  From a journalist at the Daily Observer to a Human Resource manager at the GFF.  Is this not forcing square pegs into round holes and waste of limited resources for the clubs in the name of compensating your Jaliba? After leaving daily observer due to imminent sack, Babucarr when on being a whistle-blower and slandering on his former employer daily observer for not paying millions of dalasi of tax back in last year. One thing you should understand with or without you daily observer is gonna find someone even better than you. 
Is depressing you left your humble profession just to earn bribe in favour of a employment at Gambia football federation. Who will trust you now Babucarr ?
For Tata Dindinding Jobarteh of GFF, Mr Lamin Jassey is also seriously pulling his Kora strings and praising Kaba Bajo to gain a favor. It is open secret that Mr Jassey is eyeing for the Job of Secretary General as Abass Bah’s contract expires in December, 2017.  Tata is also busy pulling his kora strings with his (dinding jallo) band on Facebook by profiling government officials and close allies of Gambia football federation, specially his recent one about The Gambia national sport council chairman George Gomez and some current top members of GFF. Word for Lamin Jassey their is a old saying in Mandinka ” Never pick up a fight on people’s who made you”.
The most disgusting argument is Tatadinding is accepting and thinking he was a political hero removing Yahya Jammeh, where was Lamin Jassey one year ago when Pa Nderry Mbai, Bamba Mass, Yankuba Darboe, and Fatou Camara were fighting against Yahya Jammeh ? is he  quietly hidden and scared to loose his privilege visit to the Gambia in case the former dictator find out about him. Can we trust him here ?
Let Jaliba and Tata Dinding of GFF know that no amount of praises and pulling of Kora strings will keep Kaba Bajo in the GFF. He is a horrible reminder of A.JJ and cannot just fit in the equations of the new Gambia.

By Omar Senghore.

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