Close associate of majority leader Alhagie Conteh bribing Gunjur elders amid environmental scandal

By Jericho 

The businessman behind the operations of Golden Lead company, Alhagie Conteh and close associate of Majority leader, Kebba K Barrow, has begun bribing Gunjur elders to avoid closure. 

According to impeccable sources, Alhagie Conteh has been coming to the village under the cover of darkness to deliver bribes to member of the village elders’ council in order to buy their support for his embattled company to stay.

” Alhagie Conteh’s business model is corruption and bribery. He has been coming to the village to bribe the elders in the night through individual visits in which cash changes hands. He doesn’t care about the plight of the people of Gunjur, but how to sustain his company which has caused massive environmental damage,” revealed the source. 

Making further revelations, the source who declined to be named said the people given bribes report being instructed to offer resistance to attempts by a section of people in the community to stop the continued operations of the company. 

“Alhagie Conteh thinks by bribing the elders he can divide and rule the community of Gunjur thereby getting the license to continue his unsustainable business activities. The youths of Gunjur will not accept his company to continue destroying the environment. Enough is enough”. 

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