06 July, 2017
Dear Mr Gomez,
Can I inform you that the youth folks and the general sports fraternity very much welcome your appointment as the Chairman of National Sports Council for one main reason, and that is your experience. But it seems you are betraying our confidence and trust in that your hard earned experience. We don’t expect you to be easily carried away by Marcel and Ebou Secka. This two gentle are soiled as far as sports in The Gambia is concerned and they cannot help you in a better direction. They were involved in a fight for supremacy in Gambian football that sees them and Kebbeh executive in police custody for almost ten days.  Both of them are agents of Alieu K Jammeh and Kaba Bajo
Mr Gomez, do you know that unnecessarily suspending all the sports committee  congresses in the name of getting rid of Serekunda East executive members is going to affect the sports calendar of the nation. Manjai, Serekunda West, Bakau and Serekunda East committees need to hold congress immediately because their mandate as executive members has come to an end. By now qualifiers for the Nawettan proper should kick off. Any further delay will mean a serious obstruction in our entire football calendar.
Mr Chairman, it is not the National Sports Council but the stakeholders that can decide who our executive members will be. So play your role as regulators and give us our due. 
I just want to let you know that this  is the NEW GAMBIA, so don’t let others with their selfish interest drag you into an old fight that is pushing our sports back ward. We are aware of the politics going on and we are waiting patiently.
Please put your house in order as we are not relenting.
Concern citizen
Omar Senghore
Talinding, Serekunda, KSMD.
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