Interior Minister Mai Fatty is embarking on a nationwide tour today, sources close to the security command have disclosed. Mr. Fatty is going to be accompanied by high ranking members of the force. He is expected to visit security instillations across the country.

Mr. Fatty, was appointed Interior Minister by president Adama Barrow, as soon as Barrow named his cabinet. He has no security background. He has promised to keep Gambians safe during his watch is Interior Minister.

Fatty’s tour came in the wake of intelligence report declassified by the Senegalese intelligence that Gambia’s stability is at the brink of being comprised due to an imminent external threat. It has been reported that over 250 Gambian soldiers have deserted the force , while fully armed. Some of the absconded soldiers are said to be residing in Mauritania, Guinea Conakry, and Guinea Bissau.

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