Green Kanilia Farm FC nominee Kaba Bajo busy painting GFF into yellow
By Omar Senghore. 08 July, 2017
Professional painters in The Gambia are engaged to paint the Gambia football federation House from GREEN to YELLOW but can they succeed? 
Kaba has politicise our football and he now wants to distance himself from former President, AJJ Jammeh and get close to UDP Ousainou Darboe. We are aware of your visits with Bakary Jammeh to Ousainou  and some UDP politicians
It has never happened in the history of GFF, a president instructing all the 1st and 2nd Division teams to forcefully go and work on the farms in Kanilai. The Gambia National Team could not win a single game since Kaba came as a president of GFF but succeeded in turning our players and GFF officials as farmers in Kanilai farm. Some clubs will always make sure they put on Green T-Shirts to impress the Yahya Jammeh.
We thank God at least this year our players will not dress in Green and farm at Kanilai.
I never know that Lamin Kaba Bajo is this low-keyed in administration despite his experience as a former minister, governor and diplomat. Why cant you resist criticism a bit.
 All what is happening in Gambia football is in the open so don’t try to deceive us. How can you distance yourself from your former Boss, Yaya Jammeh when you use his name to win GFF elections.
Don’t think that you and Bakary Jammeh are deceiving Gambia football fraternity. We are counting your every step and very soon you will return to where you belong.
 I am finding it difficult to  have answers for the following questions……
1. Is Kaba Bajo here to develop football in The Gambia or working on strategies to stay as president of GFF?
2. Is it possible for the last three teams languishing in the bottom table to easily roll over the teams occupying top of the 2nd Division table this last minute without elements of match fixing?
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