Dear Mr. Mbai, is always a pleasure for me to share my opinion with wider freedom audience. The maturity which President Barrow and his administration had demonstrated particularly in the areas of economy and social welfare is very impressive so far. In his Eid message delivered on the25th June 2017, at gathering with Gambia Muslims elders in Banjul while marking the end of Muslims holy month of Ramadan was excellent. President Barrow emphases the importance of unity among Gambians particularly between the Muslim leaders; and he tasked leaders to inspire their followers to exercises patient among themselves as well as seeking to unit all Gambia Muslims under one umbrella. In addition to that; he reference last year political struggle which eventually enable Gambians to peacefully bring the end to 22 years of dictatorship without single drop of blood and much more. Also, the recent concluded AU summit held at Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa once again, President Barrow demonstrated his leadership skills in the remakes he delivered in the summit, which sent a strong signal to other African countries that, Gambia is in the right direction for political and economic stability.  

The recent waves of rumours circulating in the social media for possible arm insurgent in the Gambia which could set the country on fire by the forces currently scattered in the sub region loyal to former President Jammeh. Although no country is immune to dangers from arm insurgent as well as threat from terrorism, however, I don’t think Gambians should be alarm by this threat at all. The threat is maybe credible but it’s unlikely to happen. My take on this is that: President Barrow approval rating is still very high in the neighbouring countries; I don’t think any government in the sub region will conspire with Gambia enemies to suddenly bring end to Barrow regime so soon; in the other scenario, if conspiracy theories proof to be right about President Jammeh’s possible attempt to regain power once more, again that scenario is highly unlikely. Because President Jammeh is a very clever Politian; the negative attention which he unleashed on himself after 2016 election by initially first accepting the outcome of election and subsequently changes his mind one week later had significantly damaged his reputation as a state man both national and international. Consequently, he was pushed out from the office to exile.  I don’t think for second, he will approve such reckless behaviour by the remnants of his followers to risk and gamble his last remaining reputation any further. Such acts by him will effectively jeopardise the possibility for his future retirement to smiling coast. Can you imagine; on what purpose would Jammeh bring such destruction to Gambia? Who is he going to government again? And which international institutions is he going to work with? In my opinion; it’s highly unlikely for President Jammeh to endorse a rebellion which will bring anarchy to the Gambia.

My fellow Gambians please listen to me carefully; from now on, whenever we desire to change our government lets use only democratic means. International communities are sick and tired of arm insurgent in Africa including the military rule. The euphoria from our newly founded freedom from oppression with liberty of peace and tranquillity; trust me if there is any military attempt as well as arm insurgent in the Gambia with the intention to cease power by force, Gambians will rise up in the their large numbers to tackle them with the bare hands like how peoples in Turkey reacted in July 2016 when Military attempted to cease power by force.  

In conclusion; my advice to President Barrow’s and his administration is that; although, heighten tribal sentiments is now common occurrence in the Gambia exacerbated by the behaviour of former regime. The prospect for tribal conflict in the Gambia is highly unlikely. Because tribes living in the Gambia had long embraced each other culture as well as conducted intermarriage among other things; In addition to that, 90% of all tribes living in the Gambian belong to the main religion in the country which is Islam. By contrast, religious conflict is a possibility in the Gambia; because Islamic sects living side by side in the country wouldn’t embrace each other believe as result gradually they starting to los patient and tolerance towards each other.  Even though President Barrow had made it cleared in his Eid speak that, his government has no desire to interfere in religious matters. Despite saying that, for the sake of peace I think it’s essential for his government to pay closer attention on all religious institution in the country to ensure the peaceful coexistent which the country is always known about remain the same; and bring the end to power struggle between Imam Ba-Kawsu Fofana camp and the Gambia supreme Islamic council as well as intervention to ease the tension that is looming between Ahmadiyya Muslims Jama’at and members of Gambia supreme Islamic council. Conflict of exchanging words between these groups is time ticking bomb ready to explore at moment from now.

Yaya Sillah, the Author   

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