Mr. President,

The United Sates of America helped France and UK to get rid of German Hitler.

The Marshall Plan was put in place to help rebuild France and UK. This in no way means the US president is the de-facto president of these two great Europeans countries but they are the best of friends in world matters up until today.

They are in short ideological partners in security, development and world affairs.

Back home President Macky Sall did a lot to help the Gambia chase Jammeh the rebel out of office together with the ECOMIG contributing countries. Senegal is a major stakeholder of Gambian security matters and a natural partner in Senegambia socio-economic affairs. Notwithstanding the above, we should always remember that Gambians did the first job of voting Jammeh out in a democratic process paving the way for ECOMIG to step in.

Senegal therefore has a vested interest in Gambian security matters and Gambians also have vested interest in partnering permanently with Senegal for consolidating our security and the security of our peoples and economies.

Having said the above Mr. President the reality is we should always factor in our analyses that Senegal and Gambia perceive and administer differently in matters of administration and politics.

You may and should take security and military advice from President Macky Sall, as any advice on those issues will be in the best interest of both countries. However any advice received on matters of politics and administration must be gauged and analyzed in a Gambian context to assess its impact on the mentalities of Gambians.

In a nutshell Mr. President, president Macky Sall cannot teach or guide you on how to govern the Gambia politically and administratively speaking. It is only Gambians that can guide you on how to govern the Gambia on both matters.

Mr. President we have no complex as intellectuals, academicians, professionals, technocrats and human right defenders. Many of us did sacrifice a lot making sure we partner with democratic and peace loving people, institutions and governments the world over specially with Senegal our natural partner in stopping both Jammeh and the MFDC rebellion. Thank GOD Jammeh is history but his tentacles are still deep your administration and in Casamance.

Mr. President, former leaders of the Gambian struggle against dictatorship know who is who in the struggle. You might not be privy to know these great freedom fighters at home and in the diaspora who were the pioneers of change until recently thanks to some of your honest entourage. However in your entourage there are still few former dishonest Jammeh loyalists who hold high positions in your administration and some of them may not be at ease and perceive some of these former leaders of the struggle as political and security enemies or job seekers to distance from the state and government. Remember these former Jammeh enablers never wanted change in the Gambia and were doing everything possible and fighting alongside Yaya Jammeh to maintain the status quo. These types of people are today playing double standards at the detriment of those who exposed themselves yesterday whiles risking everything within reach of Yaya Jammeh.

Mr. President you are making a lot of administrative and political mistakes lately and it does not help you consolidate cohesion in the country. The office of the Vice President is a case in point. Tribal tendencies, regionalism and nepotism is another one, your troubling silence on matters of public urgency is yet another. It is a fact that our country’s situation is not a normal one where a president addresses the nation on specific days only.

A leader must be outspoken on national matters of urgency and seen to take bold decisions and his presence felt in the mind of the people or else your voice will be relegated in the back benchers gallery over time.

Mr. president, I rest my case hoping that you understand and heed the points I raised above.

Sincerely yours.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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