A major demonstration is currently taking place in the impoverished nation of the Gambia, the Freedom Newspaper can report. Concerned citizens and environmentalists have resorted to dumping waste collected material from their homes to the Serre-Kunda market, and the Kanifing Municipal Council respectively. Armed police intervention unit officers have been clashing with the protesters since last night. Blank shots were fired at the disperse from the vicinity of the market. There is total pandemonium in Serre-Kunda at this time.  

Serre-Kunda market has become a waste dumping site. The place is filled with trash. This followed, a statement made by the Local Government Minister Lamin Ndambou Dibba, last on GRTS that the Bakoteh dumping site would be reopened to the KMC for waste dumping. The site was closed by some local environmental vigilantes without consent. Hence, the KMC were access to the site to dump their collected waste. This was confirmed by Mayor Yankuba Colley, in an interview with Freedom Radio Gambia. He said the Council now dump its collected waste in Banjul. 

On Saturday, Local Government Minister Lamin Ndambou Dibba, told a procession of environmental protesters that the issue of waste disposal will soon be a thing of the past, as government has reached a deal waste recycling company to cater for the country’s increasing waste products. The Minister did not disclose the name of the company in question, and as to when it would start operations. The Minister then said the Bakoteh dumping site should be reopened for business to the KMC waste collectors. 

Similar protest marches occurred in Bakoteh. Residents there also barricaded the Bakoteh dumping site and said they will not allow waste to be dumped in their locality.

Hell broke loose, when the Local government Permanent Secretary walked into the Bokoteh dumping site and authorize for waste to be disposed at the site. He was quoted as  saying that he was a man of authority and hence the site should be reopened. Residents protested against the move. The Perm Sec’s car was attacked. 

Interior Minister Mai Fatty and the new IGP were nearly mob attacked. They had to quickly leave the area to avoid being attacked by the protesters.

Serre-Kunda and its neighboring settlements remain tense. There are a lot of people in the streets. Vigilantism is now becoming the order of the day. Communities have resorted to protecting their neighborhoods.  

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