Mr. President we must commend you for taking the initiative of partnering Senelec and Nawec for electricity grid connection to help alleviate the electricity problem of the country. Thank you sir.

Back in February I wrote an article advising your government to work with Senelec on electricity supply and am happy that now it becomes reality. Gambians will never regret it while we work on our own and would in fact demand some more. I would like to assure your government that the Managing Director of Senelec Mr. Cisse is one of the best and most trusted technocrat in Senegal who was able to turn over the electricity situation of Senegal in radical and positive way within two years. Mr. Cisse is a highly respected very honest gentleman and I was privy to meet him six years ago when he was the Director General of Customs. Here is a man that can be a good asset to Nawec on electricity.

Mr. President on oil resources in Gambian soil and seas, you can rest assured that the Gambia has vast proven oil resources just as discovered in Senegal.

I would therefor encourage you to deal directly with the world oil majors bypassing the middle level companies. There is no iota of doubt that the Gambia is an oil and gas rich country with huge reserves as such you should not waste you valuable time in entertaining middle men. You should move straight in partnering directly with the oil exploration majors. Just make sure the Gambia gets the best deal on our resources whiles learning the mistakes that Senegal did in its share structures decried all over the Senegalese media.

Mr. President we were happy to hear that your government refused to extend the contract with African Petroleum. For the records Africa Petroleum debacles in Senegal received thousands of pages of negative print media, lots of negative audio video online and negative local TV coverage reports condemning the unorthodox and cony way Franck Timis and Timis Corporation thru African Petroleum laid hands in Senegal’s huge oil and gas reserves and turn around and sold them to oil majors raking millions of dollars whiles Senegal got peanuts in the whole saga. Senegal made a very sad mistake in its oil reserves attributions and contracts as politicians particularly Ousmane Sonko and others contested vehemently the bad deals made with Franck Timis at the detriment of the people of Senegal.

Our own Baba Aidara of Hello Gambia was the first journalist to expose a lot details, mishaps and shady deals between the two governments of Senegal and Franck Timis. This is a very sad regrettable mess decried by all and sundry in Senegal.

Gambia should and can avoid making this mistake done by Senegal.

The best advice one can give to our government as far oil and gas business operation is concern is to get advice from Sweden. The Swedish government has the best policy and rated the best country that had managed its oil production business and reserve to serve both the present and future unborn generations to come. The world hails Sweden as being the wisest government in managing her oil resources.

Go to Sweden Mr. President and let your oil experts work closely with the Swedish Oil Corporation, we will never regret it and generations to come would not only get their share of our natural resources but they will also appreciate the foresight of their parents.

You see Mr. President we are not here only to positively criticize but to propose and also give credit where it is due.

Thank you for attention.

Pa Njie Girigara.     

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