One of the hired state prosecutors assigned to prosecute the NIA 9 case, said he met with the wife of one of the accused persons at his law office, but he denied committing any wrongdoing or ethical misconduct. Lawyer Sheriff Tambadou told Freedom Radio Gambia, in an interview that the wife of the former intelligence chief Ndoura, came to his office to discuss the pending murder case. Although, Mr. Tambadou wouldn’t comment on the type of conversation he had with Yankuba’s wife.

“As a lawyer, many people come to my office for different things. Yes, I met Yankuba Badjie’s wife. But that doesn’t mean that I cannot have audience with the families of accused persons being prosecuted. Lawyers always meet their clients and people. There was nothing wrong with meeting her. I did not break any court rule,” he said.

This followed reports that Yankuba’s wife was trying to lobby Lawyer Tambadou to help set her embattled husband free. A caller from Banjul claimed that Ndoura, even allegedly recorded the conversation she had with lawyer Tambadou. And in the tape, according to the caller, Tambadou could be heard saying that the state’s evidence against the accused persons was weak and would be very hard for the state  to secure a conviction.

The caller also claimed that a possible plea deal between the state  and the accused persons was in the offing so that they can be pardoned by president Barrow while serving time in prison. The caller alleged that lawyer Antouman Gaye, Sheriff Tambadou and co were paid D 51 million dalasis by the state to prosecute the NIA 9 case. 

Reacting to the story, Lawyer Tambadou categorically dismissed such assertions and claims. He said he never made such a statement during his meeting with Yankuba Badjie’s wife.

“For anyone to suggest that I told Yankuba’s wife that the state didn’t have a case against the accused persons is a lie. It is not true. I never made such a statement. Let them provide the tape,” said the respected Gambian lawyer.

“ I took the case because I strongly believe that the state has a case against the accused persons. For people to record me, is not something new. I am not worried about it,” he added.

Mr. Tambadou refrained from commenting on the amount of money involved in hiring lawyers outside the AG Chambers to prosecute the NIA 9 case. He advised this reporter to contact their lead counsel Antouman Gaye, for any information pertaining the case. Mr. Gaye could not be reached for comment at press time. 

Sheriff Tambadou’s brother Baa Tambadou’s is Gambia’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice. Baa decided to hire private prosecutors to handle the NIA 9 case, following the police’s move to press charges against the accused persons without consulting his office. Mr. Yankuba Badjie and co are standing trial for allegedly murdering Ebrima Solo Sandeng, a former official of the opposition United Democratic party (UDP). 

Written By A Pa Nderry M’Bai


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