Alieu K Jammeh Vehemently denied Mustapha Kebbeh to help elder brother Bakery K Jammeh in football house
By Ousman B Kinteh.  11 July, 2017
How former APRC Sports minister Alieu K Jammeh vehemently denied former GFF president Mustapha Kebbeh administration just to install his elder brother Bakery K Jammeh into current Gambia football federation administration.
Is an open questions in The Gambia within the football stakeholders yet still unanswered by the authorities. This question of how FIFA gold project and Gambia football gold account was managed and spent, and whether the account still audited ? This questions is still not been answered to the football stakeholders and the current minister of youth and Sports Mr Henry Gomez and the Gambia parliamentary sports committee should come on board to help us investigate the answer for this questions from former sports minster Alieu K Jammeh who is currently employed by the Barrow government at the university of The Gambia.
Mustaha Kebbehs administration did not accept to take the handing over of the FIFA goal project when they were taking over the office of Gambia football federation from former APRC lead Omar Sey nominalisation committee instigated by the former minister of youth and Sports Alieu K Jammeh who managed to illegally dissolved two elected football administration just to see his elder brother Bakery K Jammeh in football house. 
Former Gambia football federation president Mustapha Kebbeh administration request the FIFA Gambia Gold project account to be properly audited by an independent body before taking over the project in which still up to date nothing has happened. Some stakeholders believe this questions lead to the witch-hunt against former GFF president Mustapha Kebbeh administration been dissolved. These are one of the reasons why former Minister of youth and Sports Alieu K Jammeh fought the Kebbehs Administration.
One of the questions still public would want to know is whether Gambia football federation president Lamin Kaba Bajo administration has accepted to receiving The Gambia for Gold Accounts from The Gambia Gold Committee, the committee was intact some current members of Gambia football federation. Some of the members of the Gold committee are former Yahya Jammeh Sports minister elder brother Bakary K Jammeh, Tombong Saidy and the former sport minister Alieu K Jammeh him self. 
Millions of Gambian Dalasi were pumped into that FIFA for Gambia gold account by FIFA, yet still their is no clear audit reveal.
Reaction from outspoken veteran journalist Alhagie Essa Jallow :
“The momentum for and against GFF is quickly gathering pace.  My last post looked at GFF finances in previous years and has unveiled some startling irregularities. For instance the sharp increase in wages on the back of only two new staff and figures said to be spent on purchasing computers. I have also on previous occasion explain how the current Administration found its way into office and I have also raised questions about that police report which was shelved because it didn’t favour the former minister and his accomplices. Some have said why don’t we let sleeping dogs lie. The answer to that is the dog is actually not sleeping. The abuse of office and misappropriation of funds is continuing and it has to stop. The only way to stop it is to launch a fair without prejudice investigation. The minister is being accused of witch hunting and he’s being asked to look elsewhere in his ministry and let GFF be. Hon Minister Sir, I would like to sign post you to the issues you need to look at. Let me show you my credentials, the reason I dare suggest to you what you need to look at in your ministry. 
I have been closely monitoring sports for twenty five years well before the FIFA money started pouring in. During this period I have seen quite a number of Football administrators come and go. I am also on record to have criticized publicly everyone of them. In addition I have served in FA organising committee, media committee and sat on one desciplinary committee. I have been directly involved with running football clubs from the first division right down to Nawetan. 
Hon Minister, GFF is claiming to have spent 35 million Dalasi in refurbishing NTTC (goal project) with just changes on the ceilings, roof, tiles, doors , painting and installation of cheap ceiling fans and water  heating system. It begs the question how much would it cost to build a similar structure from scratch. Never in the history of our football was the president provided with a private vehicle. The current President is provided with a private vehicle attracting monthly  fuel cost of D10,000 and maintenance up to D15,000. GFF also increased travel allowances, Per diem, from £150 (D8,775) to £250 (D14,625) per night, and  travel  impress of £1000 (D58,500) per trip at today’s exchange rate of D58.5 to £1. There are also numerous disputes over the unconstitutional conduct of the regional FAs elections. All the elective congresses of the Regional Associations failed to comply with article 29 and sub –section 24.1 of the regional constitutions. At these elections GFF executive members voted on behalf of the delegates and GFF staff used as Presiding Officers. GFF created unnecessary positions and filled them with people who aren’t qualified for the posts and the posts were not advertised. There are also allegations of match fixings which at least one club challenged. 
Finally, GFF is said to have spent 70 million Dalasi in a very short period, if true, they need to explain to stakeholders what they spent all that on. 
Honorable Minister if you solve the problems in our sports, you will achieve more than half of the objective of your ministry because sports is 100% youth activity. Given the fact that we are left with huge challenges after 22 years of misrule, that feat will put you ahead of your colleagues who have monumental tasks ahead. To solve the problem is simple. Just be fair. Thank you.”
No amount of praise of the Kora strings will save Gambia football federation, they are horrible reminder of YAYA AJJ JAMMEH.
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