Dear Pa,

I read your explosive story on the above and was confused why Mr. Tambedou, a respectable lawyer should allow himself into such uncompromising situation. But this is just the tip of the ice berg in this case. It is interesting to note that the group of lawyers hired by the state as Prosecutors in the NIA 9 case are the same lawyers who were opposing the Government represented by DPP Barkurin in the Case of Solo Sandeng at the Banjul High Court presided over by Justice E.O. Dada.

The same lawyers now working as state prosecutors led by Mr. A.A. Gaye filed an affidavit sworn to by one Nogoi Njie , the deponent, seeking a writ of habeas corpus to produce the body of Solo Sandeng after the state admitted in their affidavit that Solo Sandeng died in custody. Sandeng’s death certificate was finally produced in court. It is becuase of that they are now being compensated.

Unless this government can show proof of the actual payment made to the group of lawyers now turned state prosecutors, credible sources have it that the state had paid D 3 million to the four lawyers as compensation for the Solo Sandeng case. We are following the money and the details will be made public.  

A Concerned Court Reporter

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