GDC is vibrant, robust and moving ahead, the party is poised for greatness and success, doing everything that is right and doing it with might to continue ascending its influence nationally, as people are beginning to loose faith in this current government in many respect, GDC is gaining ground and momentum, the party is swelling and growing further.

On this predicate, the leadership of the party have decided to expand the domain of the executive committee and have new positions created to suit the political dynamic of contemporary Gambian politics, this is expected to yield a very simple, efficient, purposeful and manageable system which will accumulate a substantial benefit for the party.

Below is the summation of what transpired in

yesterday’s meeting.   

The output of yesterday’s meeting was encouraging, as heavy political weights have thrown their support behind the GDC and are physically engaged in various executive discipline, few among them are:

1: Omar Sey the former health minister of the former regime is now the foreign secretary replacing Bachilly, Pa Njie Girigara and Sahiou Drammeh are being assigned to work in conjunction with Omar Sey. 

2: Mambanjick Njie a former permanent secretary of youths and sport is now the propaganda secretary of the party.

3: Ganyie Touray, a former CRR governor is now the party’s desk officer in Central River Region.

4: Salifu Puye a former governor of LRR is the desk officer for KMC.

6: Head of Research committee is headed by colonel Lamin Gano 

7: Press secretary is manned by Lamin E Fatty. 

More of the newly selected executive members will be filtered for consumption as we have them..

Thank you..

Written By Samba P Jallow
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