Instead of feeding football you are feeding from football
By Omar Senghore.  13 July, 2017
I found the issue of Minister of Youth and sports planning to dissolve The Gambia football federation and the controversy around the cost of refurbishing the National Technical Training Center in Yundum very interesting and also worrying.
For today, i will deal with the cost of refurbishing NTTC and later the Sports Minister and his Dissolution plans. It is unimaginable for one to argue and defend that GFF spend 500,000 Dollars ( 20 Million Dalasis) that is if the exchange rate is pegged at its lowest and that is D40. Mere changes in ceiling, roofing, tilling and painting of a structure that is already in place cannot attract such an amount of money. Well, that will be left to the quantity surveyors to prove when the time comes.
What is practically impossible is the amount spent on furniture and other fixtures for 38 rooms in the so called GFF Hotel. The three hundred and twenty five thousand Dollars spent at the time of procurement is almost 15 million Dalasis. That means the cost of providing furniture and other fixtures for a room that is only 2 meter square is four Hundred Thousand Dalasis (D400,000,00). Less take a ride and see. The most expensive 12,00 BTU Air Conditioner is about Fifteen Thousand Dalasis ( D15,000). The most expensive hotel bed and wardrobe for a room that is just 2 meter square cannot be more than thirty thousand Dalasis ( D30,000). The most expensive Ceiling fan cannot attract more than two thousand (D2, 000). This will give a round figure of forty seven thousand dalasis (D47, 000.) Per room. Even if the amount I calculated for every room is double that is ( D47,000 X 2) we are still getting less than One Hundred Thousand Dalasis ( D100,000.) spent to provide furniture and other fixtures on each room. Where is the remaining Three Hundred Thousand Dalasis (D300,000.00) for each room. That is (D300,00.00 X 38 amounting to almost 11.5 Million Dalasis).
There was a fight at the last AGM just because GFF cannot defend the seventy Million Dalasis (D70,000,000.00) spent just one season.
Interestingly, some members of the Female Football Association nearly fainted when GFF claimed to have spent over three million Dalasis on them. Others went home with instant Diarrhea when GFF claimed spending over Five Hundred Thousand Dalasis (800,000,00) on mere paper card for players identity for just one season.
Where on earth can you spend D14,000 on players card last season and spending a staggering amount of D800,000 this season. You want to tell us the GFF spent extra D786,000 more on players cards this season compared to last season of only D14,000 ? come on GFF #GambiaHasDecided.
The trouble Gambia football federation president Lamin Kaba Bajo is facing is that, when the owner of a goat be friend a hyena then there is serious trouble. The co-opting of Bakary Jammeh in the GFF executive was a disaster. So the football fraternity should call on the minister to set up an independent body to investigate all financial dealings of the GFF.
This is New Gambia, so am calling for an independent body to investigate all financial dealings of GFF.
No amount of praise of the Kora strings will save Gambia football federation, they are horrible reminder of YAYA AJJ JAMMEH.
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