The family of the former jailed NIA Director General Yankuba Badjie came under violent attack last night, as some goons stormed their home in Salagi, demanding that his wife must produce a tape purportedly containing a conversation one of the state prosecutors had outside court with Mr. Badjie’s wife Ndoura, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Yankuba’s nephew one Eddie Boy, had a confrontation with the attackers, who fought with him before retreating from the property. Eddie Boy, reportedly prevented the angry mob from accessing Yankuba’s wife, said our source.

As we file this story, both Ndoura, Eddie Boy, and other family members of Yankuba Badjie, are at the Brusibi police station to file a criminal complaint against their attackers. They claimed that they were trespassed by the attackers, who communicated threats against them. 

The police is yet to arrest any of the attackers. A caller from Banjul told the Freedom Newspaper that the mob decided to take the law into their own hands and descended at Yankuba’s home and attacked his family. The caller describes the situation as worrisome.  

It would be recalled that lawyer Sheriff Tambadou admitted meeting Ndoura at his office, to discuss the pending murder case against Ndura’s husband Yankuba Badjie, and eight others. But the lawyer would not delve into the main theme of the conversation he had with Ndoura. Tambadou defended his move saying he has not broken any court procedures or rules.

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