The Gambian news has been dominated by the World Bank financial intervention and goodwill in support of the New Gambia. The $56 million approval comprising 45% grant and 55% loan with zero interest is a highly welcome assistance the WB is extending to our country.

The ball is now in the court of the New Government to make sure these funds are used judiciously to benefit the ordinary citizens.

For 22 years we decried the past dictator’s economic crimes. When he took up arms to impose himself on us he was penniless. He was a soldier and there was little we could do to resist his guns. We told the world about his corrupt activities and he has proven to be one. Now that Gambians voted him out in a truly democratic process, the world has decided to come rescue our failed economy.

The new leadership must now prove to Gambians and the world that we did not fight Jammeh just to take his place and continue practicing his corrupt financial deals and methods to benefit a new government leadership.

We have no right to fail our selves and the world. We should prove to the world that we deserve their goodwill and are a government with a difference.

Saying the above is indeed easy but doing it and putting it into practice is yet another test of time. Time will tell.

We have known politicians in Africa to be using government authority shamefully for making personal money and wealth since independence, we now tell these unscrupulous outdated politicians and civil servants that if money is their main motivation in joining politics and the civil service then they are in the wrong job.

They should simply and honorably join the private sector if making money is their leitmotiv and objective. Government and politics are not a moneymaking enterprise. Anyone who dreams to use the power of the pen to enrich oneself thru corrupt practices then know that the dirty money you will be making will not serve you in the long and medium term. We have seen it before and will see it tomorrow.

This world is global village intertwined by the digital age, as such any corrupt deals or practice is known to the world the next minute it happens. It always takes more that one person to engage in corruption practices and one cannot safely think and believe that anybody else will not know what is hidden. That type of ancient world of communication is over, dead and replaced by digitally traceable chains of actions visible or not but always shared by some remote eyewitness somewhere around the world.

Corruption is also seen easily in one’s life style changes by neighbors and acquaintances and or in digital trails around the world.

We should ask our selves why is the world so particular in enforcing anti corruption laws and institutions around the world? Corruption is an immoral practice that impoverishes a people and a nation. Corruption breeds civil unrest, hunger, poverty and unemployment.

We have seen how dirty money trail leaks busted in and out of fiscal paradise zones as recently exposed for the world to see. Will the new Gambian authorities fight against corruption since they vehemently and loudly accuse Jammeh of corrupt practices and depleting our State and SOE coffers? Time will tell.

We the people know that the new government came in power poor none of the politicians were rich people as such we are seriously monitoring how they will handle state funds and revenues.

We will know if the general welfare of Gambian citizens is improving. We will also know if they are in government to only enrich themselves and friends and families just like Jammeh.

In this new Gambia the majority of the population contributed immensely in effecting change and not all of us can be government employees or appointees. As we pay our taxes for Government to implement social services and infrastructure development and pay our loans we will not seat by speechless to some corrupt politicians and civil servants highjack public funds without exposing them.

The struggle against Jammeh transformed Gambians into citizen journalists and whistle blowers and made us using the digital medium to expose, denounce and shame those that involve in corrupt malpractices and will now make sure any corrupt government is voted out of office in future elections to come.

I rest my case believing that corruption will be fought and exposed by ordinary Gambians and made a thing of the past just like we fought the human right abuses and crimes of the past regime.

In this new Gambia ushered in thru a popular democratic process with extraordinary mass mobilization efforts and resources we refuse to be fools in the hands of politicians.

The ball is now in your court to serve you either play it fair or foul play during your mandate but be rest assured that next elections are around the corner.

Thank you.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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