First of all, let me congratulate President Barrow for making two bold moves during the past week. We are happy that Gamtel got back their International Gateway. The ball is now on Gamtel’s court to remake the Gambia the beacon of telecommunications with affordable phone calls and Internet access to boost volumes and attract investors. We all know that electricity telecommunications, reasonable taxation and rule of law are the main drivers of industrialization.

Secondly, we wish to also congratulate your Excellency for choosing Lawyer Janneh the chairman of the Commission of Enquiry into the financial activities and malpractices of ex- president Jammeh and business associates. This is indeed a laudable move. As the popular saying goes  “What goes around comes around” is here catching up with Jammeh and Co. reminding him and us the AFPRC ‘Alghaly Commissions on the PPP government.’ he set up in 1995. Lawyers Janneh and Bensouda are two highly respected senior citizens and we believe they will discharge their mission and duties without fear or favor.

Digging out Jammeh’s rat holes for his riches and unearthing his 22 years of dubious business deals with associates will not be an easy task. The population must play its part to cooperate and come forward to volunteer information to the Commission, as not any one person is privy to everything Jammeh did over the years.

The GRA and the GPA can also tabulate all the imports Jammeh, his companies and known business associates imported into the country. Customs entry trails and vessels manifests trails are good sources of tractable business activities of the ex-president cum businessman.

A Gambian Lawyer told me that Jammeh made pass a fiscal bill exempting him of paying taxes on his business activities. If such is the case this fiscal law must be repeal by the House to enable GRA assess the lost taxations to the State.

Going after Jammeh can rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in the Treasury.

Mr. President, only GOD has permanent power. He grants temporal power to humans and as such any person in power must know that the day of reckoning will surely come.

We now wish to ask the Commissions to make their proceedings public just like the Alghaly commission was made public in 1995. This will accord witnesses to come forward to confirm or debunk information as they unfold in the public space.

Thank you Mr. President for moving in the right direction and fulfilling the people’s demands and aspirations.

Good Luck to the Commission.

Pa Njie Girigara.

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