Dear Pa,

The Ministry of Interior moved office from Banjul to 168 Plaza along Berthil Harding Highway, but something fishy is going on about the renting of this building between Hon Mai Fatty, Lawyer Badou Conteh and Pa Ebou Sanyang (AKA Pa Ebou).

This building was constructed and owned by Pa Ebou Sanyang. After Mr. Sanyang completed the building, former President Jammeh made a deal with him. Jammeh bought the building from Sanyang and also compensated him with a piece of land situated at the junction of Palma Rima and Berthil Harding Highway. The official transfer of the property from Mr. Sanyang to former President Jammeh was duly effected. Thereafter, Mr. Sanyang proceeded to construct a story building on the land compensated to him my Jammeh. 

The days immediately following the departure of Jammeh, Mr. Sanyang was seen at the building doing minor repairs on the driveway pretending that he still owned the property.

It’s an open secret that this property, 168 Plaza, belongs to former President Jammeh. Therefore, it should be among the frozen properties of the former President Jammeh. But what is happening is that Hon. Mai Fatty, Lawyer Badou Conteh and Pa Ebou Sanyang, have jointly connived to give the impression that this property belongs to Pa Ebou Sanyang and actually went further to rent the building to the Ministry of Interior at a colossal amount. This is a blatant crime and corruption of the first order.

Pa you don’t have to take my word for it, investigate and you will know.

By A Concerned Gambian  

Editors note: The views expressed in this report are sorely that of the author. The people mentioned in the report could not be reached for comment. We will continue to endeavor to reach Lawyer Badou Conteh, Mai Fatty, and Pa Ebou for comment.  Thanks for your attention.    

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