Dear Pa,

I make reference to the above mentioned.
During the Jammeh regime, Semlex Group signed a contract with Hon. Ousman Sonko, then Minister of Interior, to provide Biometric ID Cards. However, before Semlex started operations, the former President cancelled the contract and removed Hon. Ousman Sonko, resulting to him absconding the country. 
Recently, the Barrow government terminated the MGI contract signed during Jammeh’s time citing that it was illegal. Then how come the same Barrow government is now signing a contract with Semlex, a company which Jammeh considered was illegally dealing with Hon. Ousman Sonko. Something is just not right.
Furthermore, such an important national project should have been subjected to open and transparent competitive bidding process in compliance with relevant law. This way all interested companies with the right competencies and eligibility criteria, would have equal opportunity to compete base on merits and thereby ensure efficient and effective procurement.
Good governance calls for the Barrow government to depart from the old ways of doing business and move to the “New Gambia” ways.
By A Concerned Gambian
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