Veteran Senegalese journalist Modibo Jagne is vying for the position of Member of Parliament in the upcoming Senegalese Legislative elections, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. He is running under the ticket of “COALITION FAL ASKAN WI.” He wants to represent the interest and welfare of the Senegalese Diaspora Community in Parliament, so that this important constituency will never be underrepresented in the legislative branch. Mr. Jagne is a longtime online radio broadcaster, and the proprietor of the ALLO-DAKAR online radio. He played a leading role in ushering political change in Senegal—thanks to his huge radio audience. He uses his radio to shape the opinions of the Senegalese community, which gave birth to the government of president Macky Sall. Mr. Jagne was among the pioneers of the Seneweb media and online radio, before setting up ALLO-DAKAR. He used to be a staunch critic of former president Abdoulaye Wade.

Widely known as Modibo, the Senegalese media giant has been scheduled to appear on the Freedom Radio Gambia Prime time Sunday Leral show to articulate his set goals and objectives as a prospective diasporan MP, prior to the upcoming elections.

Mr. Jagne told the Freedom Newspaper in a phone conversation that he wants to take the ALLO-DAKAR radio to the Senegalese parliament so that the diaspora’s views, needs, and aspirations are adequately represented. He says he will make sure that the old style of politics of exclusion becomes a thing of the past.

Mr. Jagne priorities when elected include: the empowerment of the diaspora through fair and equitable distribution of scholarships; the liberation of the Internet, and technology; the unification of the diaspora, by opening community centers in the Americas, Canada, France, and elsewhere around the world; nurturing franchise-voting rights of Senegalese, and culture.

Mr. Jagne says if elected into office, he is going to live up to the expectations of his electorate. For more on the story, follow us on air on Sunday. Mr. Modibo Jagne is our guest. Stay tuned. 

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

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