Dear Mr. Mbai,

While the majority of cabinet ministers have been taking turns to answer some pertinent questions that were raised during the budget debate plus the question and answer sessions at the national assembly, we have not heard any explanations from our foreign minister, Lawyer Darbo, and the vice president overseer whose mandate include representing the president in matters tabled at the national assembly.
There are important questions that the people want urgent answers against the backdrop of a severe fiscal discipline to reduce the 2017 budget deficit. We want to know how many additional embassies this government planned to open in the coming months and how the ambassadors were appointed. Many Gambians in the diaspora would also like to know what measures are being taken to harness the huge resources and effective contributions that the diaspora can make to bring about meaningful change in the country. Who will represent their interest in the national assembly apart from the honorable minister of diaspora affairs? 
As the ministry responsible for Gambians living abroad, what plans are there to bring these people closer home. Also, it is very important to tell Gambians if this new Barrow government have entered into any agreement with the EU to curb the high number of youths taking the perilous journey across the Mediterranean seas to Europe. What deals have been made. These other issues need clarification from Mr. Darbo. But so far we have had nothing from him. He is often seen attending ceremonies but rarely heard.
The national assembly members owe it to the people to invite the overseer of the vice presidency to be attending the sessions in line with the constitution in the absence of a substantive holder of the position of vice president. Questions about her age, the security council and the continued violation of the section 70 (2) of the constitution that is impinging on our democracy have to be posed to her for explanation. 
Both Mr. Darboe and Fatoumata Jalllow-Tambajang must look at the interest of the nation and bring their work to the people. After all they are here to serve the public. 
Written By An Insider 
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