Does President Adama Barrow have the moral justification to admonish Gambians, particularly the media, to obey the law?  Mr. Barrow recently invoked the constitution and stressed the need for the media to stay away from seditious publications? Of course, the media should obey and respect the law of the land. But the million dollar question is: Is Barrow himself, a respecter of the Constitution? Hell no! It is a case of the kettle calling the pot black. Adu-boy Barrow is not better than the media that he is trying to admonish on his Facebook page. 

In a recent Facebook posting Borrow PORG wrote: “ While my government promotes media freedom, we would urge the media to take responsibility in publishing and disseminating information by any individual, group or party that is clearly seditious. The media has an important role in promoting freedom of expression, peace and stability. There is a crystal clear difference between freedom of speech and the abuse of free speech when it turns to sedition.”

At first, we couldn’t believe what we read on his page. Is such a statement coming from a man, who flagrantly abrogated the constitution by refusing to appoint a Vice President, which is a constitutional requirement? Mr. Barrow can only be taken seriously if he is complying with the dictates of the law.

Under the circumstances, Barrow has no moral authority to counsel anyone about the need to respect the law, if he is openly violating it. Let call a spade, a spade Gambia. Barrow has broken our laws by failing to appoint a VP.

Mr. Barrow is as bad as the “Standard Newspaper” when it comes to obeying and respecting the law. He has abdicated his sworn duties and oath of office by failing to appoint a VP. He should look at himself in the mirror and ask himself: if he is following what the law says about cabinet appointments and composition.

 Standard’s only crime was reporting fake news by quoting MP Amul Nyassi. The paper quoted Nyassi as having said that the police had granted the APRC permit to celebrate the July 22nd anniversary, which brought Jammeh to power. It turns out that the information was inaccurate.

For the president to weigh in on matters pertaining the police and the media, goes to show that this Commander-in-chief, doesn’t comprehend the scoop of his job. He is very idle to say the least. Mr. Barrow should self-educate himself about the earth of state craft, and the basic tenets of separation of powers as dictated by our constitution. 

Barrow belongs to the Executive arm of government. If he tries to meddle or trespass the police, which is under the purview of the judiciary, amounts to obstruction. This is how dictatorship breeds in Africa. Clueless and uneducated leaders like Barrow often fall into the hands of dishonest elites, who will try to manipulate and encourage him to hate on the media. His predecessor Jammeh was a typical example. Jammeh tried to police the media, but he woefully failed.

The rookie president Barrow should concentrate on finding solutions to the country’s economic challenges, health, and energy crisis, and developmental needs than becoming a liability to the nation.

His Information Minister Demba Ali Jawo, has already addressed the issue in a press release sent to the media. For Barrow to double down on the matter by communicating threats to the media is unacceptable.

Based on what we read on his official Facebook page, it appears that Borrow Porg, as he referred himself, is not in charge of that page. There are phony ghost writers, who had Barrow’s blessing by spewing nonsense on that page.

If it is true that Barrow never approved the said message, the people behind it should be reprimanded. We are just emerging from twenty two years of dictatorship. For Jammeh’s playbook of cowing the media to be reactivated by Barrow’s novice media surrogates, is a disservice to our new-found democracy. Period!

 Mr. Barrow has other better things to address than meddling into the role of the police. He stands to be accused of interfering with the operations of the police, if he doesn’t disavow that irresponsible message posted on his Facebook page.

It is about time for Barrow to take his job as president seriously. He is not above the law. His apparent failure to appoint a Vice President clearly shows that he doesn’t respect the rule of law.  

The presidency is not a rehearsal ground, in which a grown up man and supposedly “an educated one” for that matter should be tutored as to how to read, and pronounce words, during public speaking. Mr. Barrow is becoming a joke overtime. His aides are laughing at him privately. How do we get to this level Gambia? Your guess is as good as mine. Good luck Adu Boy, in your endeavors to rule our nation. Let justice guide our actions as championed by our National Anthem. We are looking forward to the Asset Declaration ceremony scheduled for today. We hope you will disclose your assets, as implored on your Ministers. Please respect the constitution before admonishing the media.  

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