Dear Pa,

Thank you for continuing to inform and educate the Gambian people about important developments in our country. I wish to highlight some of the key actions taken by the Barrow Government since coming to power but importantly, some of the key actions not taken.


  1. Setting up the Commission of Inquiry into the Financial Activities of former Dictator Yahya Jammeh. This is a good development. However, the Commission must execute its mandate smartly to avoid bringing unnecessary complications in our country.

Remember!!! Former Dictator Jammeh also set up a Commission of Inquiry into alleged corrupt practices of the Former PPP Government but he turned out to be one of the most corrupt Presidents ever.

  1. Constituting the Think Tank: Again, this is a promise delivered. I commend the Government for that. Members of the Think Tank are accomplished professionals and we expect them to give proper policy guidance to the new Government to move our country forward.


  1. President Barrow has still not appointed a Vice President. The President and his sycophants can pretend that this is not an issue but I can assure them that appointment of a Vice President is of paramount importance. I cannot remember this kind of impunity in another functioning democracy. No doubt, President Barrow will come to regret this. It’s the biggest dark spot on his Presidency so far.
  2. Legislative agenda of the New Government is not yet unveiled. We are all eagerly waiting for the formation of the Constitutional Review Commission to carry out a wholesome review of our present Constitution. We demand to see news changes like ‘Term Limit for the Presidency’ and 50% requirement to win the Office of President. The then President-in-Waiting Barrow was talking all the time about these and other important constitutional changes but has been conspicuously mute about them since ascending to Power. I hope Minister of Justice Ba Tambadou is working on this.
  3. What is the New Government’s Development Agenda? Is President Barrow waiting for the Think Tank for this? The Gambian people deserve to know.
  4. President Barrow should convene a Press Conference to discuss the latest developments in the country. Issuing of Press Releases by the Director of Press and Public Relations is good but not enough. It is also good to communicate with the people using Social Media but again, this is not enough. Mr. President, please engage the media directly.

Finally, Mr. President, your recent posting on Facebook threatening the media must be retracted. We have a New Government which is perceived to be democratic. Any actions or statements by you or members of your Government considered to be undermining our new found democracy will quickly undermine the credibility of your Government, nationally and internationally. 

Don’t forget it’s the Gambia. Some people will advise you to be tough so that you can consolidate or perpetuate yourself in power to their benefit. Beware Mr. President! ‘Power Corrupts, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely’.

From a Concerned Citizen

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