Gambia: Editorial: Concerns Over President Barrow’s Security!


Someone should caution Gambia’s president Adama Barrow to be mindful about his security surroundings. Mr. Barrow is in the business of copycatting former dictator Yahya Jammeh, by standing and waving his hands through his vehicle’s rooftop. The current security situation in the Gambia doesn’t permit that. Barrow and his security advisers should know better.

On Friday, a bloody robbery case was reported in the village of Essau, Lower Nuimi. A local watchman was severely assaulted by the robbers; after fleeing with an unspecified amount of cash and valuables belonging to a pharmacy owner.

On the same day, president Barrow traveled to Sukuta, where he performs his Friday prayers. Despite the security challenges facing the country, Barrow exposed himself to the cheering crowd by waving his hands through his vehicle’s rooftop. Suicidal, right? 

The president’s security should be of concern to all and sundry. He should avoid actions that might compromise his security.

The ongoing armed robberies are not isolated incidents. Hence, the president should employ caution when interacting with the public.

Barrow should try to be himself and avoid copycatting the former dictator. Jammeh waving his hands to his supporters, through his vehicle’s rooftop doesn’t necessarily mean that he should do the same.

On a final note, the police should be equipped to be able to police the length and breadth of the country. It is embarrassing to hear that our police have been confronted with logistical challenges: lack of vehicles, fuel, good accommodation and decent pay.

National security is sacrosanct in this new Gambia. It is unfair to the Gambian people for such an important institution like the police, to be poorly constrained logistically.

Lest we not forget that there cannot be development without peace, stability, and tranquility.  Agents of national security should be properly taken care of; just like they are protecting the president, his family, Ministers and the country. We rest our case!

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