Gambia: Mama Kandeh’s Allegations Of Lenders Loan Abuse By The Barrow Gov’t Should Not Be Left Unchallenged!


Mama Kandeh’s allegations of graft, and abuse of loans secured from foreign financial lenders against the Barrow government should not be brushed under the carpet. These are grave allegations! It should be investigated in the interest of accountability and transparency.

If it turns out that Kandeh’s accusations against the regime are devoid of the truth, we expect the government to issue a statement to counter his claims. The allegations should not be left unchallenged.

For now, we should employ caution until we hear the government’s own version of the story. It takes two to tango.

The GDC leader Mama Kandeh, did not elaborate further as to how the alleged theft of lenders loan to the Gambia government occurred. He merely inferred that some officials of the government have been engaged in sharing loans acquired in the name of the Gambia government.

It is a known fact that politicians are good at making wild accusations against their opponents—be it real or false accusations; but the onus lies on the Barrow government to dispel any attempt to impinge on the regime’s reputation and credibility.

For the sake of his own credibility, Mama Kandeh too should equip himself with documentary and material evidence to substantiate any form of allegations he may peddle against the Barrow government. Failure of which, he risked losing the respect and admiration of his supporters and the Gambian people. We expect our leaders to be able to back up any allegations they made against their opponents.

The press should also endeavor to press Mr. Kandeh to shed light on the recent allegations he made against the current administration. Keeping our political leaders honest is paramount in this new Gambia.

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