Gambia: Breaking News: Gambia’s Premier Daily Newspaper-Daily Observer Company Shutdown By Barrow’s Gov’t


Gambia’s oldest daily newspaper-the Daily Observer Newspaper, has been shut down by the government of president Adama Barrow. This is the second time in months that the paper has been ordered to suspend publication. This followed, back taxes the company owed to the Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA). The Daily Observer is said to be owing GRA millions of dalasis in back taxes.

On Wednesday, the paper’s management received an order from the state asking them to suspend operations. The paper has been closed with immediate effect. 

Last month, the paper’s Managing Director Pa Modou Mbowe, was fired from his post. He was informed that Augustus Prom, a Chartered Accountant was entrusted to oversee the operations of the paper.

Mr. Mbowe was appointed by the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh during Gambia’s month long political impasse to head the Observer Company.

The real owner(s) of the Daily Observer Company is a subject of state investigations. It has been alleged that the paper is owned by the late Baba Kajali Jobe, while others claimed that the paper belongs to Yahya Jammeh.

Reports have it that the Daily Observer is on the verge of being sold by the government. We are closely monitoring developments. 

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