Gambia: Breaking News: Thieves Break Into Seedy’s Rented Office And Flee With His Desktop Computer!


As crime is on the increase in the Gambia, thieves are getting braver by the day.  Freedom Radio Gambia’s Seedy Ceesay is a victim of a daylight burglary. His newly rented office space at the Paradise Estate was burglarized by thieves in a broad daylight after the thieves fled with his seven hundred pounds sterling Dell Desktop computer. The incident happened on Sunday.

Mr. Ceesay had a local watchman protecting his office space at night, but during the day, the place remained unguarded. But that never stopped the thieves from breaking into his office. The thieves came with their own equipment to force the door leading to the office open. As evident on the picture below, Seedy’s office door has been battered by the thieves. 

Mr. Ceesay had just to return to the UK, after spending weeks in the Gambia. He told the Freedom Newspaper that petty stealing and robbery is on the rise in the Gambia.

“ The office space I rented for one year was burglarized this past weekend. Thieves broke into the office at day time. The Dell Desktop Computer I intended to use for my office was stolen. There are thieves all over the place. This is really scary,” Ceesay said.

“ I came across a girl, who was attacked and had her cellular phone stolen from her. She was on the phone talking, and was knocked to the ground by her attackers. We found her crying. We even had to give her ride,” the Brighton police officer dded.

Mr. Ceesay said he never reported his office burglary to the police. He said his case was one out of many unresolved burglary cases in the Gambia. He said the new government should work vigorously towards improving security in the country.

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