The anti narcotic prosecutor assigned to the case of a Nigerian man Jonathan, accused of cocaine possession and trafficking, has been transferred to the Child Welfare Unit of the Force, amid reports that the NDEA command is bent on suppressing the cocaine case, the Freedom Newspaper has been reliably informed. Officer FM Colley, was the chief prosecutor handling Jonathan’s cocaine case, until recently when the DG Bakary Gassama and his command decided that Mr. Colley should be moved to another unit. NDEA insiders said even Mr. Colley’s boss Raymond Jarju was taken aback by DG Gassama’s decision.

Mr. Colley had earlier expressed difficulties in having his witnesses in the case to court, as DG Gassama, Jim Drammeh, and co have transferred the officers, who effected the arrest of the Nigerian drug dealer to the upcountry. The mass transfer of the arresting officers is slowing down the case of Jonathan, sources said.

Jonathan was busted with 100 grams of cocaine. His case file is pending in the courts. But the NDEA leadership is determined to suppress the case, sources alleged.

According to NDEA sources, the following officers, who took part in the arrest of Jonathan were transferred with immediate effect.  

Jaycee Faye, has been transferred to Bansang

Nuha Bojang, has been transferred to the Lower River Region (LLR).

Morro Jammeh, has been transferred to Basse 

Ebrima Fatty, has been transferred to Basse

Surveillance team

The NDEA surveillance team, who assisted the arresting officers during the arrest of Jonathan have also been transferred.

Sheriff Saine, has been transferred to the Lower River Region (LLR)

MK Jallow, has been transferred to Bakoteh 

Ebrima Fatty 

Musa Jarju 

In another development, Alhagie Morr Jobe, an official of the NDEA, has been recalled by the state to report to Banjul, even though his mission in Darfur, Sudan hasn’t ended yet. Mr. Jobe was seen at the NDEA offices, where he told his colleagues that if he were to go down, the likes of Jim Drammeh, and Bakary Gassama will also go too.

Mr. Jobe has been given two-week vacation before he will officially resume duties at the NDEA. He couldn’t understand why the state would recall him from Darfur, when his mission hasn’t ended yet.

Alhagie Morr was the Director of Intelligence at the NDEA. He also used to work with the NIA. He has been linked to alleged torture of detainees among other things.

Also at the NDEA, DG Bakary Gassama paid a courtesy call to the Interior Minister Mai Fatty, upon his return from performing Hajj. Mr. Gassama was spotted at Mai’s residence.

In another NDEA news, DG Bakary Gassama, has issued an internal Memo warning his staff to refrain talking to the Freedom Newspaper. This followed the exposure of Jonathan’s drug case by the NDEA insiders. He told his staffers that if anyone is caught leaking information to the Freedom Newspaper would be fired.

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