When a hypocrite is exposed, all his or her plans failed. President Jammeh would have been dead by now, if he had not exposed the Liberian evil Mistress, Ellen Sirleaf Johnson. Their plan was to keep telling him one thing, while telling another to the rest of the world. They wanted to make him believed that, they respected his opinion, and that, there were possibilities of solving the situation peacefully, when on the contrary, they were digging his grave. They kept telling him that military option wasn’t their first priority, so that his men and women in uniform would relaxed and not to anticipate what their next move would be, while on the other hand, they were busy mobilizing a strong force capable of capturing or killing him.

I am not a security expert, but my common sense taught me that, there’s no way, a magnificent force like that, could be organized and fully equipped between the time of the phone call and the time when president Jammeh made his final decision to leave the country.

Little did they know that, the man they referred to as an “unconscious-man”, was twenty plus years, ahead of them in terms of security awareness. Even though many deemed the conversation between the duo as unprofessional, he intentionally handled it that way, because he knew that he was dealing with hypocrites and that, the only way to see their true faces, was to uncover their masks.

Ellen Sirleaf Johnson suffered the most humiliation of her lifetime in that phone call in the sense that, the whole world became aware of her hypocrisy and double standard. That phone call alone, is worth billions of dollars, because it had reduced all the conspirators to, nothing!

However, the same conspirators are now beginning to pay for their evil deeds, none of them anticipated that Jammeh’s departure was a jinx to the entire African continent. One by one, they will live to regret why they betrayed their African brother just to gain the blessings of the former Slave masters. Slavery was abolished, but the chains used to cuff our great grandparents, were safely stored in the Atlantic Ocean, and as soon as Baabili left, they brought them back in exchange for some chicken-change, instead of compensating us for murdering our Ancestors and the looting of our resources.

Batch Jallow


Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are sorely that of the author. It doesn’t represent the views and position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention. 

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