What’s trending on Facebook this week? Well, there is a Gambian living in Dallas, Texas controlling the political narrative on social media. Koto Foday Singahteh is trending. Mr. Singhateh has been flooding Gambians with inspirational messages on his timeline: Messages of hope, peace, unity, patriotism, and government accountability. Foday is a different breed in this new Gambia. He is not taking a backseat. He is making his voice heard all over the place!  

In this new column, we will be featuring Gambians contributing their quota to the country’s democratization through the usage of social media. Folks bombarding messages on their timelines would be featured. This week, Foday Sighateh is trending. He is more famous than Gambia’s Facebook Minister Femi Marhoney. Foday has taken over social media this week with his brilliant and succinctly worded messages to his followers.  

Femi is relevant though, but there is no available picture on his timeline to ID him. He would have been our first guest to be featured. Laugh Out Loud (LOL). 

Foday Singhateh is always active on Facebook. Hear him:“ Our expectations from any leader is to put in the hours. Cut the attaya out. Lol.”

“ In three months, we will need to visit Kuntaur to evaluate the work that has been done to relief those folks. Checks and balances,” he added.

Mr. Singhateh virtually weighs in on any debatable topic about Gambia. His report card for Barrow’s government: “The Gambian Citizens voted for change for better life. What’s the 3-5 years plan? 8 months gone already, no action.”

Hear Singhateh again: “Being sensitive to the suffering of your citizens is part of governing and the expectation of the elected officials.”

On the GRTS/Kerr Fatou debacle,  hear Foday’s take on the matter: ” Mama Kandeh did the government’s job and Kerr Fatu did GRTS’s job. Please who can help us do NAWEC’S job.? I  am lost # Kuntaur.” 

” Let’s ask more of our leaderships. It is their job to lead the way in times of crisis, that’s why they are elected. We will praise you when you are consistently doing the right things. Shaking my head (Smh,)” he remarked. 

Foday also congratulated  Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang for her recent appointment to serve as Vice president. 

Watch this space next week for another Facebook trending news.  

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