Unwanted Facts From The Snubbed And Hated!!! Checking The Situation Where Pretenders Are Pretending While The Nation Is About To Weep Before Indifference!!!

By Essa Bokarr SY.

Thank you Gambians! As you already know some of us have been spending time and energy sharing views all these years alongside exposing fatal side effects which could affect the fabric of our society. That said, the bitter side of the narration is that it has come to a point where other countries see more value in what some of us can offer than our own homeland. So if you miss seeing me share those views or exposing what was investigated know that we are yet to have a leadership that honors and values our input. I for one cannot continue talking to a leader or leadership that would rather not listen or those on top hate some of us with passion. I have of course changed my mind towards State House after discovering a lot so far.

As far as some of us are HATED why should we wait to be told in the open? We shall see if Sey Pulloh will lose..Alhamdulillaah!!!

Certainly those who failed to listen or those who think we should run after them for sharing those advises will come to understand how much they have missed the way In Shaa Allah. One day many will come to realize the difference between what is factual and what is emotional.

The best way for some people to learn is by leaving them to see and feel adverse effects one would have never wished them go through. 

No doubt Essa will be vindicated very soon in Shaa Allah until then wait and see where it will all end! When the unsaid and the unseen starts unfolding before our eyes we will all be here to see it in Shaa Allah. Am sorry to those who see value in what I do but some of us ARE HATED by people calling themselves our leaders I have clear evidence and will indeed shake the ground when I start defending myself in Shaa Allah.

Thanks anyway.

Source: Essa Sey’s Facebook page

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