Dear Pa,

I trust all is well and that you are in good health. I would like to applaud you for all the positive work and efforts in ensuring that the public is well informed.

I am a member of the Civil Service and I would like to expose a certain matter that is really of concern to me. 

I am aware that there is a particular tender that will be made public this week. It is tender by the government for HP (Hewlard Parkard) computer supplies to the tune of nearly 1.5 million Euros. However, the problem is that this tender is not genuine. All efforts have been made to cover up the tracks but the tender is closely managed by a small circle from the ministry of Information and Technology, the Ministry of Education and the Procurement agency itself. The tender has been put together with the sole purpose of HP winning it. This is not fair. I am exposing this so that as soon as the tender is published, we start investigations and I plead with everyone not to get involved or participate as you will just be wasting your time. The tender is not for Gambian companies but it’s a deal for HP to win it direct. 

I am just upset at some of the goings on now. When did the tender process become so tarnished that outside companies can use our platform to create fake tenders for their own benefit. I want to ensure that there will be no tender and I advise HP that they should not be involved in this tender.

To those involved I suggest you stop as I will disclose all names once the tender is published this week. I refuse to let foreign businessmen use our country for their corrupt and dodgy dealings. This must stop now. The tender process is there to ensure transparency and fairness, not to be used by private individuals to gain an upper hand. 

I spoke to my superiors who ignored me when I brought their attention to the discrepancies per the HP tender so I decided to turn to you. Everyone needs to be alert for these fraudulent tenders.

Let’s clean up our tender process for good.

Written By A Concerned Civil Servant.      

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are sorely that of the author. It doesn’t represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper.

The Minister of Information and Communication Demba Ali Jawo was contacted for comment but his line was busy. We will endeavor to get his side of the story in coming hours.  

The Computer giant HP too could not be reached for comment. Thanks for your attention.

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