Gambia: Breaking News: International Call Termination Scam Going On At Gamtel!


Gambia’s international call termination fees continues to be the highest on the African continent despite the recent cancellation of the MGI Contract with Gamtel, to manage our gateway, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Nothing has changed as far as the international call termination fees are concerned. Gamtel is still maintaining the MGI regulated call termination fees, per the number of phone calls routed to our gateway. The scam is still ongoing despite public outcry over the exorbitant call termination fees associated with the Gambia gateway. 

Placing a phone call from the United States to the Gambia, might cost you nothing less than sixty nine ( 69 cents). Callers from the United Kingdom are also victims of the call termination exploitation. Gamtel is the main conduit behind the scam. 

It is much cheaper to call Senegal compared to the Gambia. Gambia’s international call termination fee remains the highest in the sub-region. 

As we file this story, Gamtel, the country’s main telecommunication company, has hired a new gateway manager. Our sources on the ground will make the person’s name available to us by Thursday.

The corruption culture which used to obtain in Jammeh’s era remains unabated under Barrow’s regime. Gamtel has monopolized the gate way. It is also stealing from people phoning the Gambia from overseas. The current management has no intention of lowering the call termination fees, according to our competent sources.

Private telecommunication operators such as Africel, Q cell, and Comium have been ordered to stop terminating voice calls coming into the Gambia. The legality of the state’s decision is questionable.  There is no exiting laws or government regulation prohibiting the aforementioned companies from terminating calls.

A source who wished to speak on condition of anonymity said: “ What is happening in the Gambia is a daylight robbery. Despite the cancellation of the MGI contract, Gamtel is still exploiting international callers. Gambia’s exorbitant call termination fees remain the same despite the cancellation of the MGI contract. There is a scam going on in this country. Gamtel has also asked private operators to stop terminating calls, when there is no law to that effect to prevent private operators from terminating calls.”

“ Gambia’s market shocks. There is nothing like gate way in America. Only corrupt governments are bent on hijacking voice calls. With the advent of the internet, people can terminate calls from any part of the world. It is acceptable. But here in the Gambia, the government is acting like they owned the cyberspace. Private operators have their own networks, and reserve the right to terminate calls,” he added.

Information Minister Demba Ali Jawo could not be reached for comment.

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