Gambia: Former Corrupt Officials Must Be Jailed But Not Exonerated


As Gambians continue to see deliberate financial mismanagement of the former regime , we must be worried about shamelessness ,unpatriotic behavior and lack of ethics that most senior Servants have conducted themselves during 22 years of military dictatorship. Civil servants who are all implicated in this commission of inquiry should be dismissed and send to jail for corruption and economic crimes they have committed. These people are the worst citizens The Gambia has ever produced. When Jammeh was in power ,dozens of messages were send to Secretary General office of president, Mr Momodou Sabally to resign his position but he refused., Similar messages were written via Facebook to minister Sheriff Bojang , Ismaila Sanyang and others for all to resign their positions but all of them never responded. Today , Mr Momodou Sabally and others are blaming the former Dictator, but it is clear that these are dishonest citizens who lacks moral values and decency to do what was constitutionally and morally right for the country. They were all forewarned before and during the time they helped the Dictator to loot our meager resources. 

In the new Gambia, we still have many of these dishonest citizens who claimed to be intellectuals but are shamelessly walking freely without any remorse or taking any personal responsibility for their crimes. These are the most uneducated and least patriotic citizens The Gambia has ever produced. While people like Momodou Sabally used the holy Quran to promote himself but he failed to remind himself that he aided and abetted the most brutal dictator the world has ever seen. Mr Sabally, Dr Ngoku Bah , the former Governor Abdou Kolly and all other former enablers deliberately violated the constitution and basic principles of their professions . They live their livelihood based on deception, lies and corruption for their personal gain. Their blames of former Dictator was misplaced and self exoneration. They are all equally guilty for economic crimes and mismanagement of our economy. They simply put their personal interest ahead of the general welfare and economic advancement of citizenry. We must never allowed their lies and deception to exonerate them. They are fully responsible. All of them lobbied for these jobs which they have used to enrich themselves and their families. Mr Momodou Sabally particularly wrote books to advance the cause of military dictatorship in The Gambia while he hoped to gain financial and political support from Jammeh. Mr Abdou Kolly quitely ignored the basic principles of financial and economic management and went further to encourage Jammeh to print fake and counterfeit currency. Mr Kolly was part and parcel of senior leadership at the Central Bank of The Gambia who signed counterfeit currency for Dictator Jammeh’s economic exploitation and corruption.

Dictator Jammeh’s regime was a criminal enterprise which Gambian people are becoming too familiar within the past few months. For far too long We have been writing about unimaginable corrupt and despotic nature of Jammeh’s military dictatorship. The Gambian people are yet to learn about the worst human rights violations that took place in every corner of the country. As we prepare for truth and reconciliation commission, we must be responsible and prepare ourselves for horror stories which are going to be exposed to the Gambian people and the world at large. All these civilian criminals must be arrested just like their counterparts , the jugulars who are wanted for heinous crimes. They all contributed to destruction of lives and properties which they were sworn to protect, promote and advocate for advancement but instead they have dedicated their responsibilities to destroy the Country’s financial system and economic development. They deserve to be jailed.

When we jail these criminals We will set better examples for future generations to learn that corruption and lack of moral values are indeed worst crimes and inhuman . It will also serve to deter future corruption and economic mismanagement. All those senior militia leaders who worked under the order of General Saul Badjie must be arrested and dismissed from the national security services. They have all betrayed the trust , responsibility and duty of their services to the nation. A man who lacks moral values cannot be trusted with positions of responsibility. President Barrow and his team must be aware of wolfs in sheep clothes, who are today pretending to showcase their self righteousness and shift blame to the Despotic Dictator they once worshipped and admired.

Thank you. 

Written By Max

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