Gambia: Gambian Police Summons EX Ruling APRC Leader For Questioning


The APRC Executive understands that the Interim APRC Party Leader has been summoned to appear before the Criminal Investigations Bureau (CID) branch at Kairaba Police station, tomorrow, Wednesday 4th October 2017 at 11am.  The Police recently expressed unease with the massive 50,000 people rally planned by the great APRC for the 28th of October 2017 at the Buffer Zone. The rally, a launchpad for APRC’s new National Co-ordinating Committee is a first step towards the party’s restructure.

The Police are again attempting to stifle the APRC’S constitutional right to assemble peacefully, despite the party’s best efforts to abide by the law and play by the rule book. The recent popularity of the party and its leader can only get better and stronger. We will advise the government to encourage inter-party relationships and desist from illegal posturing and attempts to derail APRC’s legal path back into government.   

All APRC party supporters are urged, on a daily basis, to observe the laws of the land. The government can be best served by playing it’s part in applying the law properly. We won’t allow our planned rally of 28th October to be thwarted by the Coalition government, again.
Intimidation of our party leader and by extension, our entire party didn’t work, is not working and will never work.

We await feedback from the meeting tomorrow, between our dear leader and the CID. We sincerely hope that the meeting will be just an administrative process aimed at facilitating our launch of the National Coordinating Committee. 



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