Gambia: President Barrow’s Ambassador To Malaysia Joins Facebook Debate; As Ramzia Attacks APRC Leader Jatta!


President Adama Barrow’s Ambassador to Malaysia Ramzia Diab has weighed in on the recent invitation of Fabakary Tombong Jatta, to the police saying “ Fabakary was oblivious to the suffering of Gambians in the hands of a brutal dictator. Now he has the privilege to open his mouth to talk nonsense in the name of democracy!!! Let’s be realistic. People are still healing from Jammeh’s wounds!”

Ms. Diab made the comment on Pa Samba Jow’s Facebook page on Wednesday. She engaged diasporan Gambians, who had a problem with the police excesses currently taking place in the country.

Mr. Jatta is the second politician to be interviewed by the police in a span of less than four months.  First to be interviewed was Mama Kanda, the leader of the GDC party. Mr. Kandeh was questioned in connection with a statement he made alleging that some officials of the Coalition government have started cashing in funds acquired from financial lenders in the name of the Gambia government. 

Fabakary Tombonga Jatta is the leader of the APRC party. He recently called for the release of the detained army officers. He said many of those detained came from the Jolla ethic group.  

“Do you know if those military officers are Gambians or from Cassamance?? I think we should be careful of our utterances even if we are opposed to the govt !!Investigate first. What Fabakary said in the voice message can led to a civil war!! Where was he when Jammeh was committing all these atrocities??!! Fabakary was oblivious to the suffering of Gambians in the hands of a brutal dictator. Now he has the privilege to open his mouth to talk nonsense in the name of democracy!!! Let’s be realistic. People are still healing from Jammeh’s wounds!,” Ramzia Diab lamented.

Ms. Diab’s statement didn’t go unchallenged.  Abdoulie Jallow a Gambian based in the US, had this to say to the Gambian diplomat: “Ramzia Diab two wrongs can never make a right. Just because Jammeh did it should not give enough latitude to this government to do the same. The excesses of Jammeh was what led to his downfall. Less than a year after assuming power, this government is mimicking the same traits as Jammeh. These people may come from Cassamance, Guinea Bissau or anywhere else in the world, but their fundamental human rights must be protected at all times and they must be accorded due process. Also, chastising FTJ for being quiet in the course of the dictatorship is not fair as many Gambians including the present chief of defense staff were equally quiet during the same period. I just thought that I must disagree with your position on this issue.”

Ms. Diab never responded back. She went about her business and ignored the likes of Abdoulie Jallow.

Pa Samba Jow provoked the debate. He seems to have believed in Interior Mai Fatty’s account of the events after speaking to the Minister. He ran with the story when Fatty told him that Jatta was treated fine by the police. Although Mr. Jow never explained why Jatta was questioned by the police in the first place in his posting. He also never heard from the other side. He was satisfied by Minister Fatty’s account of Jatt’s “gentle treatment” while under police custody. 

“After speaking to the interior Minister, Mr.  Mai Ahmad Fatty regarding the questioning of the APRC interim leader, Fabakary Tombong Jatta by the police, I am convinced there was no attempt by the police to harass and/or intimidate Mr. Jatta.  I have been assured that all attempts were made to accord Mr. Jatta all the rights and respect he deserves as a party leader,” Jow said.

Momodou Olly Mboge, a Gambian based in Norway asked: “The fundamental issue here is why was Mr Jatta called by the Police?  Was there a REAL NEED for such? Does this amount TO harassment?  Coach-Pasamba what did YOU discuss with Mai Fatty in actual fact?  Do we have the right to the details of your discussion with Mai Fatty?  In what capacity did YOU talk to Mai Fatty?  Would it be fare for Mai Fatty as Interior Minister to talk to THE press instead OR HAVE HIS PRESS SECRETARY TO CLEAR THE AIR? If you do not find IT APPROPRIATE TO TO DIVULGE ALL WHAT YOU DISCUSSED WITH Maimuna, what is the point of GIVING PARTIAL INFORMATION?”  

Reporter Modou Nyang was also flabbergasted by Pa Samba’s posting. “Coach, this makes no sense, why do they have to call him for questioning in the first place. Should the police be questioning every political party leader(s) about their party activities? Please, you suppose to know better than this. This nonsense from the police should be resisted by refusing to go to the police unless they issue arrest warrants. I that case they will have to proceed to prosecute or be guilty of witch hunting.”

“Nyang, I understand and agree with you for the most part. The questioning of party leaders formed the core of my discussion with Mai. I am of the belief that party leaders being paraded for questioning is unacceptable. This government is best served by utilizing the inter-party as an instrument to settle political problems,” Coach responded.

“I was forced to comment on this because of your posting. We have to be very careful when dealing with public officials and what they say. I bet if you had had an opportunity to talk a minister during the previous government they would have sought to justify whatever they were doing. The issue here is that the police should get their hands out of political issues unless they have a cause to make an arrest for a crime. Political matters are better dealt with through politics. ,” Mr. Nyang equipped.

Coach again: “Modou Nyang I agree 100% with this. If anything they are succeeding in making the APRC look like victims when they were supposed to be ashamed of themselves today after what they have helped create in the past two decades.”

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