Gambia: Army Officer, Who Calls Yahya Jammeh “Babilimansa” Before Janneh Commission Fired!


Captain Sulayman Jammeh a former Admin Assistant to the exiled former General Sulayman Badjie, who recently called dictator Yahya Jammeh “ Babilimansa” before the Janneh Commission, has been dismissed from the army. Mr. Jammeh proudly called Yahya Jammeh “ Babilimansa” while giving evidence prompting lead Counsel Amie Bensouda to ask him to stay on message and avoid the unnecessary accolades associated with the former Gambian tyrant.

Captain Jammeh was also confronted by the Commission Chairman Suharata Janneh to define the Mandinka word “ Babilimansa.” Mr. Jammeh said his understanding for the meaning of “Babilimansa” was a King, who builds bridges on rivers. 

Captain Jammeh’s statement doesn’t seems to have resonated well with the Commission. The likes of Momodou Yaya Fofona, a former personnel of the Gambia Armed Forces. also raised eyebrows over Jammeh’s statement. Mr. Fofana resides in Sweden. He took on Facebook bashing the former army officer. He accuses Jammeh of being rude to the Commission. 

Mr. Fofona said Jammeh’s conduct was reprehensible. He accuses Captain Jammeh of lying to the Commission. He said Jammeh was economical with the truth when he was asked about his military career background. He said Jammeh was never commissioned as a cadet officer while in the military.

Captain Jammeh testified that he was enrolled into the army in 2002, and has rose through the ranks. A claim disputed by Fofona. Fofona said Jammeh was promoted from the rank of Sergeant to Captain, without undergoing any officer’s training. He also said Jammeh couldn’t properly ID the military barracks he was redeployed, which is the 3 infantry battalion and not third infantry battalion, as he called it. 

Fofona said Jammeh onetime worked at the army training school, and at the State Guard. He said Jammeh is not credible and should be closely watched by his superiors in the army. He even said he was going to call Yerro Jallow the Commander of the Basse 3 Infantry battalion barracks to advise him to be very careful of Captain Jammeh. 

Mr. Fofona also had a problem with Mr. Jammeh calling Yahya Jammeh “ Babilimansa.” He said Captain Jammeh couldn’t hide his loyalty to Yahya Jammeh. Hence, he called for his firing from the army. He said Jammeh would be very lucky if he is not fired in coming days.

Fofona also said Captain Jammeh’s loyalty to Yahya Jammeh was purely based on tribal affiliation and nothing else. He said Jammeh knew about his fate, as he was likely going to be removed in the ongoing security reforms.

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