Gambia: Foreign Affairs Insider Sheds Light On The Mass Deportation Of Gambians From America!



I was wondering whether you will continue reporting on the new DC embassy or not given your known relations  with the appointed Ambassador. I was glad to  read the article on the decorations. Pa, it is worse than you think. Since, Hamba Manneh has been made the deputy Ambassador and the defacto Ambassador, the processing of travel documents has become automatic with Hamba Manneh.  Hamba does not delay or try to question the citizenship of the  Gambians under immigration arrest. The previous team was very sympathetic with Gambians.

Pa, your article says ” some ” . In fact, since the new gov, Gambians are sent home on a very regular basis. 

Please, inform Gambians. Hamba is not a trained diplomat and if you inquire you will find he does not have the intellectual capacities to negotiate with his counterparts.  

Pa, the funniest thing about all of this is this the same Hamba who is accelerating the deportation of Gambians with the new regime was a passionate supporter of the previous regime . When Ambassador denounced Jammeh and was fired, Hamba was promoted.  At that moment, most of the international community was against Jammeh. The same Hamba sent the attached verbal notes to Department of States and other diplomatic chancelleries to change the narrative and support Jammeh. Today, the same guy has been promoted to take care of the embassy, which I have no problem with, but making it easy to send our own people back is really a betrayal. 

Feel free to publish a piece on this.

Thank you for all the good work you do. 

Written By An Insider 

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