Sources Close To Barrow Have Started Opening Up About Waggeh’s 57 Vehicles Donation To The President Among Others!

  1. Your report on the 57 vehicles is spot on. Do you know that Kallilou Waggeh owns the dealership of Fait vehicles in Dakar?
  2. The 57 vehicles Waggeh donated to Barrow did not pay duty yet.
    If you remember the 2 vehicles that Yankuba Darboe of GRA handed to GRTS; it was actually from Barrow and those vehicles are Fait vehilces too.
    Plus the Mercedes Benz G Wagon of Jammeh is with Waggeh in Dakar.
  3. Right now, Waggeh is working with some Turkish to bring generators on ships to help NAWEC.
  4. Even the lifting of monopoly on flour import was done for Waggeh
  5. Right now he has 1000s of tons flour in stock but he cannot sell it because he thought GRA was going to give him duty concession but they did not..Now he is competing with the other importers to sell his stock
  6. He also has a lot of sugar in stock which he bought at a higher price and after the sugar arrived the price of sugar dropped drastically and now he is selling at a loss.

Interior Ministry Info From A Different Source

Please be informed that all the Immigration officers posted at Denton Bridge have been withdrawn by the Interior Minister Mai Ahmed Fatty. Also, the personnel police officers posted there have been reduced to a very small size.   Tell your agents to find out more.

A reliable source informed me, and I have confirmed it today on my way to work to Banjul. I didn’t see any immigration personnel there when I was going to work and on my return from work as well. Few police officers were found at Denton Bridge. Please find out more.

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