Over thirty-eight million dalasi (D38, 000, 000 Million Dalasis) was paid to Malamin Manjang, a vendor through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs—in respect of food supplies Manjang purportedly made to the Gambia Armed Forces. The invoices are questionable by all standards and should be investigated by the relevant authorities. Ministry of Finance budget Director Lamin Fatty, and the army’s Director of Finance Lt. Colonel Musa Jammeh have been named in this latest scandal. Below are copies of the documented payments made out to Mr. Malamin Manjang. A note from our source is also published below. Please read on…..


Dear Brother Pa, 

Thank you for continuing to expose corruption in our country. Pa you hit this one well. The GAF finance is the most corrupt institution we have in our country and they are aided by this Lamin Fatty Deputy Director of budget at the Ministry of Finance. 

Pa, as I promised to bring more evidence, this Lamin Fatty and Musa Jammeh are building storey buildings and sponsoring football teams.

Pa, the average civil servant who earns less than 15,000 dalasis a month and may not travel up to three times in a year; where can he scoop monies to build storey building such as the one Lamin Fatty is building at Yundum

Pa, look at details of payment that went to this Man Manjang over the years and you understand how Musa was taking the Gambian people for a ride. 

Pa, I think the CDS really understand this Ponzi  scheme between budget staff Fatty, Musa Jammeh and Vendor Manjang 

We have managed to get hold of the payment made to under the scam from the Government IFMIS and Accountant General Department. 

Pa, we are coming with other crimes by this cartel. Stay tuned.   

Both the Ministry of Finance and the GAF Command could not be reached for comment. 

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