Gambia: Gambia Gov’t Denies Recognizing Catalonia As An Independent State!


Gambia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has denied congratulating the people of Catalonia, following that region’s proclamation of an independent state over the weekend, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. A fake twitter account purporting to be representing Gambia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs made the congratulatory announcement on twitter on Friday. But the Gambian authorities have distanced themselves from the posting. The government has vehemently denied making such posting on social media. It attributed the posting to an impostor. 

“It’s a lie! The Gambia never congratulated Catalonia. @MFAGambia is a fake Twitter Account attributing its claim to the Foreign Ministry,” said a statement issued by Gambia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Spanish government has since weighed in by rescinding the decision taken by the House of parliament to declare Catalonia as an independent state. It says Catalonia is part of Spain and therefore any proclamation to declare that region as an independent state should be disregarded by the international community. So far, no country has recognized Catalonia as an independent nation. 

Written By A Staff Writer 

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