Gambia: Editorial: The Gambia Is A Land Of Misplaced Developmental Priorities!


There are too many workshops and hiring of government workers taking place at this hour, when the country is way behind on its developmental needs. The Gambia, under president Adou Boy Barrow is a land of misplaced priorities. Things that matter are hardly given national priority. There is too much waste of public resources. Stop the waste please! 

Developmental partners such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Unity should be concerned about how developmental funds are managed and disbursed by the powers that be in the Gambia. Failure of which, such funds could land in the pockets of corrupt politicians and so-called technocrats.

Historically, big governments are likely to fail compared to an action oriented small government. This is largely attributed to unnecessary waste of public funds and resources by workers, who think that government is a money-making enterprise. And The Gambia is not an exception. 

The new government of Adou Boy Barrow is becoming a high maintenance government. All kinds of phony positions have been created in the respective ministries just to cater for those who had this self-entitlement that the government of the Gambia and her people owe them a job. Hence, jobs are being outsourced, duplicated, and in some occasions given to mediocre political apologists.

Our National Treasury is bleeding profusely. We are spending more as a nation than we accumulate revenue wise from the various sectors of National development. The senseless spending got to be arrested if we are to succeed as a post dictatorship nation. Such funds could be channeled to revamping our collapsed healthcare, energy sector, decayed infrastructure, tanked economy, agriculture, just to name a few.

From December 1st, 2016, to date, no meaningful progress has been recorded by this administration. We had more paycheck “pay to play” collectors than serious workers. No wonder developmental projects have been stalled—thanks to the sheer greed of those entrusted to run the affairs of the state.

The legitimacy of the Barrow government depends largely on its productivity, and sense of responsibility towards the plight of the electorate, who voted them into office. We have reached a point that public confidence in leadership and governance is steadily eroding. 

Since the new government is unable to meet the basic developmental needs of the Gambian people, it should consider embarking on a hiring freeze. It should also cut-down on the endless traveling of public officials at the expense of the state. We rest our case!

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