Gambia: Another Weekend Bombshell: GAF “Vendor Samba Bah” Of Kunkujang And GAF’s Lt. Col. Musa Jammeh Have Been Allegedly Used By CDS Kinteh To Raise Fake Invoicing To Scam The System!


More revelations have emerged following the publication of the fake invoices being issued by the Gambia Armed Forces Finance Department under the leadership of Lt. Colonel Musa Jammeh, and CDS Mansaneh Kinteh. The financial racketeering has cost the Gambian state millions of dalasis. This is as a result of bogus invoice payments being made to real and ghost vendors of the army. Today, our able and competent source at the GAF Headquarters said another vendor, who goes with the name Samba Bah, AKA Batch is part of the financial racketeering. Batch too has been used to scam the Gambian state. Batch lives in Kunkujang. 

“The CDS is also using another meat vendor by the Samba Bah commonly known as Batch for the entire supply of his feeding and hard ration. This man Samba Bah will buy rice, oil, sugar, meat, fish and all related condiments to supply the entire Kinteh family both in the Brusubi and Jarra. Then Batch will raise an invoice in the name of meat and Lt Col  Jammeh will process the payment through LPO,” Our source alleged.  

“If the CDS is left unchecked, he will mess up the entire GAF. He will also take any amount of physical cash from Batch and this will be converted into LPO plus interest and paid Batch. This is another of his errand boys. The type of life the CDS is living is more than the president himself,” our source further alleged.

These are allegations against the CDS Masaneh Kinteh and the GAF Finance Director Musa Jammeh. We will continue to treat the report as allegations until the state auditors established the facts surrounding the damning accusations against the duo.

In another development, another source close to the Barrow State House said: “ I am following your analysis on the financial mismanagement taking place in the armed forces. What the CDS did was stealing. Like you put it, he should not withdraw money from that account at Trust Bank to sponsor his trip because that was covered by the state.”

CDS Kinteh has been accused of favoring his errand boys at GAF. His leadership has been shrouded in conflict of interest; coupled with financial scandals.

“The CDS is abusing his privileges. He fears that the seasoned and trained intelligent operatives in the military will report his wrongdoings so he resorted to appointing officers with no background as intelligent operatives. He disregards the valuable information that the intelligent operatives are providing. They have mounted a so-called audit exercise only after you reported the case. Again, it was also when you first mentioned the case, the so-called SIS stormed the office of the Finance Director for questioning,” the State House insider added.

The army spokesman could not be reached for comment.

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