UNAMID Police Component would like to congratulate David Kujabi on his appointment as The Gambia Police Force Spokesperson. David was deployed to UNAMID in July 2015 and posted to Mukjar team site in Sector Central as a patrol officer. Because of his PR background, David was redeployed to the Mission headquarters as a Public Information Officer and eventually appointed as Head of Police Public Information Office (PIO), a position he held until he checked out in October 2017.  

During his tenure as Head of PIO, David brought in a lot of innovative ideas which helped to showcase UNAMID Police components’ mandated activities. 

Additionally, the PIO team members also learnt so much from him which they will be able to put into practice as they go back to their respective countries.

As UNAMID Police, we are very proud to be part of Davids’ success story and wish him all the best in his capacity as The Gambia Police Force Spokesperson.

Source: UNAMID 

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