The former Solicitor General Pa Harry Jammeh said the former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh was a “ Demigod” as such no one including himself dares disobeyed Jammeh’s Executive directives—be it legal or illegal orders. Pa Harry said he has no choice other than to sign a contractual agreement on behalf of the government in regards to the purchase of ferries in Greece. The purchased ferries were not compatible to the ones being used in Banjul, but a phone call from the presidency came in, while Pa Harry and his delegation were in Greece negotiating for the said ferries. They were asked to go ahead and sign the contract. Pa Harry never hesitated in signing the contract on behalf of government. He also testified that he never knew how much money was involved in the sale of the ferries. He was giving evidence before the Janneh Commission on Monday. 

Pa Harry Jammeh was the legal adviser to the government at the time. But he said, he fears for his life; hence he has to append his signature on the contract, even though that was not part of his job description.  

“The former president was a demigod. And you cannot say no to instructions to sign. You dare say no to an Executive directive. We were given directive to sign. I had to sign on behalf of the government,” he said.

Pa Harry admitted that ordinarily he was not supposed to sign on behalf of the Jammeh government, but he cited the issue of his safety which compelled him to sign that document. Failure to sign the document, he said, would mean him not returning to the Gambia. 


Pa Harry is also the former Sheriff of the High Court. He adduced in evidence about a family estate belonging to the Mahony family in Banjul and was bought by Yahya Jammeh. He said Jammeh bought the Mahoney family estate through the Sheriff’s office.

“The Mahoney estate was bought by Jammeh through the Sheriff’s office. One of the properties is situated in Wellington street Banjul. That what I can remember,” he said.

Pa Harry couldn’t recall who represented Jammeh during the sale of the Mahoney family estate. Although he said some lawyers represented the Mahoney family during the sale of the properties. He said the sale was done through private treaty.

According to Pa Harry Jammeh, there were occasions his office would receive a phone call from the president’s office when properties have been advertised for sale. He said the ADS were placed on local newspapers.

He recalled businessman Amadou Samba representing Jammeh in some of the properties disposed for sale.

“Amadou Samba represented the president in the sale of properties by the Sheriff. I know that there are properties he bought through Mr. Samba,” he said.

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