Activist Pa Samba Jow is calling for caution on the so called “insider story” being peddled online liking Mai Fatty to allegedly extorting D15 million dalasi from Semlex, a Belgian Biometric company. The story first featured on a local Gambian online site operated by supporters of the UDP. “Ironically, the same people who preached caution whenever an issue arose concerning the Barrow administration are the very people spreading the “insider” story about Mai Ahmad Fatty. What would have been the response if Pa Nderry MBai published a so-called “insider” story alleging corruption by a minister? He would have been vilified, ostracized and labeled a liar. What has changed to make a rumor the gospel truth. I hope that Mr. Fatty will publicly address this serious allegation because it seriously questions his integrity,” Mr. Jow remarked.

The drive by media hardly covers corruption in their daily reportage of the Gambian story. They are very protective of the new Barrow government.

The recent allegations against Mai Fatty, as reported by the drive by media, is being seen as an attempt to covey the government’s side of the story.

As rightly articulated by Pa Samba Jow, the onus lies on Mai Fatty to set the record straight. A one-sided story, is not a story. The so-called insider’s version about what transpired should not be limited to the gospel truth. Mai’s right to be heard should be observed before one could arrive to an informed opinion on the matter.

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